I love working the stability ball into a client’s workout. It’s a neat piece of equipment you can use for several purposes, from classic core work, to postural guidance, to stability and balance challenges and more.

Wall squats are a good way to strengthen the back, butt, and legs, and with the stability ball in place, you can also work on posture – holding your spine tall in a neutral pelvic position (drawing the navel in) while pressing the shoulder blades into the ball.

Here are some variations on the wall squat.┬áThere are sooo many possibilities – these are just a few. Have a medicine ball handy for upper body work and to add to your body weight during squat holds.

Not included in the video, you can also take a small inflatable ball and put it between the inner thighs to add a new element of stability challenge. You can maintain a constant, light squeeze as you squat and hold, or you can actively squeeze (pulsing) as you hold the squat.

Your turn: Which variation will you try? How do you like to work out with the stability ball?